Perkins Restaurants use awnings to provide a special brand and make their restaurants stand out so that customers can find them easily. Baraboo Awning can custom design awnings for each individual restaurant while still maintaining their brand identity.

These custom poolside cabanas were created for Mt Olympus Resort in Wisconsin Dells to provide guests with a private location to relax by the pool.  

Marine Covers by Baraboo Awning

Fabric structure in Milwaukee, WI.  This fabric structure is used as a band shelter to provide a visually interesting area at Kadish Park in Milwaukee, WI.

Culver's restaurants promote their locations with their signature blue awnings. Each new restaurant calls on Baraboo Awning to make their buildings stand out and reflect their corporate style. These awnings are durable and practical and make it easy for customers to find them.



You need not panic with zipper problems. The part of the zipper which receives the most abuse is the slider. Hundreds of slides cause the slider to wear, thus causing faulty locking of the zipper teeth. Most often zippers can be rejuvenated by simply replacing the slider. These are some things that you should also consider:

If teeth are not fish scaling or missing, it's probable that a slider is all that's required.

If the zipper separates after zipping, just a slider may be in order.

When buying zippers, match the quality of zipper to its use. We carry metal or plastic zippers in many different sizes.

If you mean camping tents, the answer is no. We do not stock any camping tents. (Years ago we manufactured the White Stallion brand of camping tents.) The Cabinaire and screen room were favorites. If you happen to own one you are among the blessed, since White Stallion Cabinaire and screen room owners are some of the most satisfied customers we know of! 

If you mean "EZ-UP" style pop-up tents, the answer is "yes"! Click on our EZ up section to learn more.

Sometimes, these types of campers are too labor intensive to make it worth fixing. We will be certain to take a look at your repair and tell you up front if we believe that to be the case. A better recommendation may be to replace just a portion of the canvas. In either case, we can certainly take a look at it and together decide on what will be the best direction to go.

Absolutely not! And they are not high-pressure, either.  Typically, when you call our office, we write down your information so the salesperson can call you and set up a time that is convenient for both of you. We have sales staff in the Madison area several times a week.

The sooner you call us to get us started, the sooner we can get it done for you. We do our best to meet customer's schedules but time of year does make a difference.  For example, a call April thru July will get you a little longer wait time than a January - March call would. Every customer is important to us, so give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you!.

Our graphics department is second to none! Our designers work with professional sign-making equipment and software. Almost every commercial awning that goes out the door has some kind of graphic. Talk to our designers; they can tell you what format works best for importing your logo.

Don't do anything until you check with us! For many fabrics the warranty is voided if it is cleaned improperly. Regular cleaning is better than infrequent cleaning. If you need it cleaned professionally, check with us; we can refer you to professional cleaners in your area.

When someone walks in and says, "I need some canvas," our first question is, "How are you planning to use it?" We stock hundreds of fabrics for an endless variety of uses. Fiber content, weave, fabric finish, flame retardancy and color all contribute to making certain fabrics suitable for specific applications. Call or email us and let us find the best fabric for your needs.

Most of the fabrics and other products that we use have specific warranties . Sunbrella® has a ten year warranty. Many of the sign and graphic fabrics have a five to seven year warranty. Baraboo Tent & Awning, Inc. stands behind all of its products and is proud of its quality of work; we offer a 1 year warranty on our workmanship.

That question is like asking "How long will my new car last?" The answer to that is, "Don't use it, leave it in the garage, and it can last a lifetime!" It depends on so many factors.

Keeping dirt off your awnings helps a lot since mildew forms on dirt. Today's fabric fibers resist mildew but will last longer if kept free of mildew-enhancing substances.

When cleaning or removing debris from your awning, don't use a sharp object that can create a hole in the awning. When rinsing or cleaning, use a soft brush; use only light pressure around the stitching area, since that is more subject to wear than the fabric.

Use a non-detergent cleaner. For more complete instructions on maintenance and cleaning, visit

Buy a quality item from us as it will last longer.

We sure can! Our sales people carry digital cameras with them. They can take a picture of your building and bring it back to our graphic department who will take your building picture and try different shapes and colors of awnings to see what looks best. Do you need signage, too? We can add your logo or the name of the business in many different fonts. The sales staff will provide you with a color rendering of your building with the choices for you.

Our customers are delighted with this solution! We create custom-fit roll-up curtains for your screened porch. They are typically installed on the outside but may be installed inside the porch also. These are all custom made, since every porch is different. Let us come and measure for you and show you the many colors available.

We have great solutions for this. One popular solution is a retractable awning. This is attached above the window, on the soffit, or even on the roof. With the motor in the tube of the awning, a remote control extends the awning out at your convenience and an optional wind sensor retracts the awning when the wind reaches a preset condition. We are authorized distributors of several retractable awnings, including Durasol, Eastern and Sunsetter.  Call us for more information.

Many people still like the fixed frame patio or deck cover. The frame is welded aluminum. The fabric, usually acrylic because of its wonderful properties and numerous color selections, is laced on in Spring and removed in Fall. Our sales people can provide you with a free estimate of what will work best for you.

Weathermaster™ is our boat cover division that patterns and manufactures mooring and playpen covers. Call or email us with the specifics such as make, model, year, and any non-factory installed parts.

You also have the option of bringing in your boat for a custom cover. That cover may be a playpen cover, a canopy for a pontoon, a traveling cover for a fishing boat, a camper top for a cruiser, or a cockpit cover for a runabout. Call for an appointment and pricing.

We are available from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday.

If you do not see your question answered above, please submit your question below and we'll get an answer to you.